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Item #: AP7616 

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The spectrum tube system includes a power supply that accommodates one tube and a six-tube storage unit. Spectrum tubes are available with argon, helium, hydrogen, neon and nitrogen.

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Safe and convenient design! Electrodes are internal to eliminate the risk of electric shock. System includes a power supply that accommodates one tube and a convenient storage unit that stores up to six additional tubes. Long-lasting spectrum tubes are safe and protected against accidental breakage by a hard polymer shell. All electrical parts are enclosed and a magnetic interlock system prevents an electric current unless the tube is properly inserted. Power supply can be raised to adjust the height of the light-emitting region. Base is 10" x 7"; power supply is 11" high; spectrum tubes are 6" x 1½" with a light-emitting region of 2". Safest spectrum tube system available!


Spectrum Tube System power supply only. Spectrum tubes available separately.