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Stereogram Book of Contours

By: Horace MacMahan, Jr.

Item #: AP5098

Price: $13.35

Stereograms Book of Contour Maps for Earth science and geology simplifies the reading of “flat” contour maps and helps one understand the relation of contour lines to relief.

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Product Details

Simplify the reading of “flat” contour maps and understand the relation of contour lines to relief with this useful, introductory book. The book features 10 typical landforms—hills and valleys, glaciation, canyons, volcanoes and lava flow, anticlines and synclines, and even Moon craters. First study the two-dimensional contour topographical maps, where surface features are identified with letters. Then locate the same landforms on the adjacent stereo contour maps for comparison, and view the elevations in 3-D. Stereoscope glasses (listed separately as AP5264) are needed to view the images in three dimensions. Glossary; 32 pages, 8½" × 11", spiral-bound.

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