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Synthesis, Isolation and Purification of an Ester—AP* Chemistry Classic Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP9094

Price: $41.75

With the Synthesis, Isolation and Purification of an Ester Classic Lab Kit for AP* Chemistry, students perform a quantitative esterification reaction. Students receive hands-on experience with common organic chemistry techniques.

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Product Details

Classic AP Requirement #22—Synthesis, Purification and Analysis of an Organic Compound

Students perform a quantitative esterification reaction to produce ethyl acetate. The lab consists of three parts—in Part 1 the ethyl acetate is prepared, in Part 2 the ethyl acetate is purified, and in Part 3 tests are performed to verify the identity of the ethyl acetate. The theoretical yield is then calculated and the percent yield is determined.

Students receive hands-on experience with common organic chemistry techniques, such as refluxing, extractions and distillation.

Complete for 24 students working in pairs.

Synthesis, Isolation and Purification of an Ester Inquiry Guidance and AP* Chemistry Curriculum Alignment Transition Guide available! Follow the link in Resources to find this valuable publication that lets you adapt this classic AP Chemistry experiment for guided-inquiry and correlate with the AP Chemistry curriculum framework.


Materials Included in Kit (for 24 students working in pairs): Acetic acid, ethyl alcohol, sulfuric acid, sodium carbonate.
Additional Materials Required (for each lab group): distilled or deionized water, beakers, boiling stones, capillary dropper, clamps, condenser, condenser outlet adapter, Erlenmeyer flask, ground glass joint grease, hot plate, plastic tubing for condenser, cooling water, round-bottom flask, rubber bands, support stand, thermometer and adapter, three-way adapter. Option 1: Separatory funnel or test tube, 18 × 125 mm, with stopper. Option 2: Test tube, 15 × 150 mm with stopper.

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