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TesTab® Water Investigation Kit for environmental science makes water testing safe and simple. Monitor water quality and pollution levels of natural waters as you test for 12 different water factors.

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Product Details

Water testing is safe and simple with LaMotte’s TesTab® reagent tablets! Monitor water quality and pollution levels of natural waters as your students test for 12 different water factors—alkalinity, ammonia, chloride, chlorine, chromium, copper, dissolved oxygen, hardness, iron, nitrate, pH and phosphate. It’s as easy as dropping the tablet into a tube containing the water sample, shaking and determining the reading by the resulting color.

The TesTab Water Investigation Kit contains 12 individually boxed modules, one for each test factor, allowing students to work in teams while out in the field. Each module contains enough TesTabs and testing tubes to perform 100 tests. Includes colorful laminated diagrammed instructions, color comparison charts, and flash cards. You will also receive The Monitor’s Handbook containing loads of information on water monitoring, sampling equipment, test procedures and interpretation of results. All packaged in an easy-to-carry field box.