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Worm Farm contains all of the materials necessary for maintaining healthy worms. The state of the art in earthworm culture.

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Product Worm Bedding - Pkg. of 1.5 lb Worm Farm - Complete
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The state of the art in earthworm culture! All the materials necessary for maintaining healthy worms are included. An insulated, eight quart container with built-in ventilation plugs maintains proper temperature and prevents suffocation. The worm bedding provides optimal consistency and water retention capacity and the worm food meets all the dietary needs of even the most active worm. Bedding will support 100 nightcrawlers per pound or roughly twice as many smaller worms. Worms can be kept for several months. Food requirements will depend on number of worms being maintained. Bedding and food are also available separately. The complete kit includes the 8-5/8" x 12" x 7-3/8" container with sturdy built-in handle, 1½ pounds of bedding and 4 ounces of food, with complete instructions.