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Practical Solutions to Reduce Teacher Liability


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Teaching science is different than teaching other academic subjects because to properly teach science, students must receive instruction and appropriate hands-on activities. More importantly, science teachers must teach in an environment using materials and equipment that have the potential to cause serious harm to both teacher and student. Science teachers must be trained in more than just teaching methods and classroom management. They must also receive specific training in laboratory safety. Science teachers must know, understand, and follow many rules and regulations to ensure the safety of students in their classrooms. Science teachers also owe their students a duty of care to properly supervise, instruct, maintain equipment and facilities, and warn students of potential harm in their classrooms. Accidents will happen in the classroom. However, teachers can significantly reduce their risk of negligence liability and prevent classroom mishaps by following a few simple rules. Kelly F. Ryan, Esq., an experienced chemistry teacher and trial lawyer, recommends the following practical solutions to reduce teacher liability.