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Item #: FB1736

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With the A Process to Dye for: Gel Electrophoresis Laboratory Kit for Biotechnology, introduce the basic principles and operation of gel electrophoresis. Quick, easy, and colorful.

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Introduce your students to the basic principles and operation of gel electrophoresis with this quick and easy experiment using colorful dyes. Students learn how biological molecules are separated during electrophoresis by comparing the charge, size and molecular formulas of five dyes. Students observe the direction and measure the rate of migration of the dyes and then use the results to identify an unknown mixture of dyes. The use of dyes eliminates the need for staining the samples, which means the entire process can be completed in one class period. Materials provided include agarose gel in a melt-and-pour bottle (sufficient to make 10 gels), TAE buffer, dye samples, microcentrifuge tubes, needle-tip pipets, and rulers, plus complete student and teacher instructions.

Complete for eight student groups. Super Value Kit is complete for 40 student groups. Electrophoresis chambers and power supplies are required and available separately.