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Item #: AP6397

Price: $740.40

In the Rotational Turntable and Stool for physical science and physics, safely demonstrate rotational motion from the security of a chair.

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Product Details

Is friction making your dynamics demonstrations sluggish? Do students have difficulty seeing that energy is conserved? Improve your laws of motion experiments with this top-quality air table. The durable air pucks will accurately show Newton's laws of motion, and vividly demonstrate elastic and inelastic collisions in two dimensions. Study rotational motion and center of mass concepts, as well as simple harmonic motion without the air pucks slowing down. Built-in air supply makes this unit compact and simple to operate. This outstanding air table will provide years of accurate physics demonstrations. Complete operating instructions include 13 experiments that cover topics such as pendulum motion, oscillations, gravitational mass, and measuring the acceleration of gravity. Black surface provides an excellent background for advanced experiments using photographic or stroboscopic measurements. Includes three large and three small air pucks, two coil springs, and two Velcro strips for inelastic collisions. Corner posts with bumper wire create a deflecting wall around the entire table surface. Surface area measures 60 cm x 90 cm.