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Item #: A0063

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Hazard Alert

Contact with acids or acid fumes may liberate flammable and poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas. Strong skin and mucous membrane irritant; toxic by skin absorption; vapor harmful. Even low concentrations may cause headache and general discomfort.

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Product Details

Inorganic #5; keep tightly closed; yellow color intensifies as substance ages.
Shelf Life:
Good if stored safely; store in a Flinn Chem-Saf™ Bag and then inside a Flinn Saf-Stor™ Can.
Water, alcohol, and alkalies.
Rotten eggs.
CAS No.:
12135-76-1 as ammonium sulfide
Technical Note:
The true sulfide form is only stable at a very low temperature, i.e., 0 ºC and in the absence of water. The light solution (so-called “yellow”) contains approximately 20% (NH4)2S or 8% sulfur and 8% ammonia and is the common commercial solution.