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As the trusted source for outstanding educational tools, Flinn Scientific is recognized by science teachers nationwide as the go-to choice for quality lab supplies. We are dedicated to equipping educators with the best in scientific equipment, ensuring that your lab is a place of discovery and learning.

Summer presents the ideal opportunity to assess and upgrade your laboratory equipment. As you prepare for the new academic year, consider enhancing your scientific toolkit with our latest innovations in digital microscopy. By ordering now, you can have your lab fully operational and ready to inspire students when classes resume in the fall.

Explore Our New Microscopes

Digital Monocular Microscope with Top iPad Bracket (AP11609) Key Features: Seamlessly integrates with an iPad, facilitating interactive learning and digital documentation. Benefits: This microscope is perfect for educators aiming to blend digital technology with traditional learning, providing a dynamic platform for students to explore microscopic worlds.

Flinn Economy Digital Microscope, 1.3 MP Camera (MS1214) Key Features: Provides quality digital imaging at an affordable price, with user-friendly features. Benefits: An excellent choice for entry-level users, this microscope ensures that digital microscopy is accessible at all educational levels.

B-60 Monocular Brightfield Microscope, Fixed Stage, 400x, with 7" Monitor Bundle (AP11613) Key Features: Includes a stable fixed stage and a 7-inch monitor for enhanced viewing experiences. Benefits: Boosts student engagement by enabling group learning, allowing multiple viewers to observe specimens simultaneously without overcrowding.

B-190 Digital Binocular Microscope with Tablet, 1000x, PLAN, EU (AP11614) Key Features: Delivers high-resolution imaging up to 1000x magnification, complemented by a tablet for sophisticated image analysis. Benefits: Provides exceptional clarity and precision for advanced educational and research applications, enhancing detailed analysis and presentations.

Flinn Advanced Digital Microscope, 3 MP Camera (MS1215) Key Features: Merges superior imaging with intuitive operations for enriched educational encounters. Benefits: Offers higher resolution imaging for intricate observation, making it suitable for more advanced laboratory settings.

Flinn Infinity Digital Microscope, 5 MP Camera (MS1216) Key Features: Features a 5 MP camera, providing superior image clarity for detailed visual studies. Benefits: Meets the rigorous demands of higher education and research environments with its robust performance and meticulous precision.

Celestron FlipView 5MP LCD Portable Microscope (AP11629) Key Features: This handheld, portable microscope with a 5MP camera and LCD display is ideal for field studies. Benefits: Enhances flexibility and mobility for outdoor scientific investigations, perfect for dynamic, on-the-go analysis.

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At Flinn Scientific, our commitment to advancing the frontiers of educational technology remains steadfast. Our newest collection of digital microscopes is a testament to this promise, providing diverse, high-quality options tailored for every level of scientific inquiry. Equip your classroom or laboratory with these cutting-edge tools to ignite your students’ curiosity and expand their understanding of the microscopic world.

Discover how our latest products can revolutionize your scientific investigations by visiting us at Prepare for the upcoming school year with the best tools in science education.