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Item #: FB1839

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In the Cell Respiration Laboratory Kit for Classic AP* Biology Lab 5, study the amount of oxygen consumed by seeds and the effect of a cold environment on respiration. Refill is available.

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Simple respirometers create a respiration chamber to study respiration. The amount of oxygen consumed by seeds is measured and compared to those of a control. The effect of a cold environment on respiration is also studied. Rectangular pans and thermometers are required and available separately.

Materials: French square bottles, Cotton balls*, 1-hole rubber stoppers (size 00), Rubber stoppers (size 51-mL), Serological pipets, Graduated pipets*, Petroleum jelly*, Pea seeds*, Glass stirring rods, Glass beads, 15% Potassium hydroxide solution* 

*Denotes items included with refill kit


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