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In the Cell Respiration Laboratory Kit for Classic AP* Biology Lab 5, study the amount of oxygen consumed by seeds and the effect of a cold environment on respiration. Refill is available.

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Students make simple respirometers to create a respiration chamber to study cellular respiration. The amount of oxygen consumed by germinating and nongerminating pea seeds is measured and compared to changes in the control (glass beads). The effect of cold on cellular respiration is also investigated.Enough materials needed to assemble six respirometers per group. 18"x 13"x 2.5 pans and thermometers are required but not included in the kit. Materials: French square bottles Cotton balls* 1-hole rubber stoppers, size 00 Rubber stoppers, size 51-mL serological pipets Graduated pipets* Petroleum jelly* Pea seeds* Glass stirring rods Glass beads15% Potassium hydroxide solution* *Denotes items included with refill kit


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