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Flinn is committed supporting teachers and students in Career & Technical Education.  Explore our growing line of products for the STEM/Engineering, Agriculture and Health Science clusters.



Challenge students in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) cluster to understand and visualize the opportunities, constraints, challenges and cooperation necessary to design, engineer and build a vehicle ready for space travel.



Facilitate discussion and project-based lessons with students in the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources cluster about how to grow plants and other sustainable foods.  Flinn has a variety of options for soil science, hydroponics and more.


Health Science

A fascinating way for students in the Health Science cluster to comprehend the health needs of the human body on Earth is to have them explore how those attributes change when the body is exposed to the conditions on the Moon or Mars. Five things that happen to your body in space, when discussed, can add dimension and understanding to the study of body systems.

For more in products in the STEM, Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources and Health Science clusters, go to the Career and Technical Education section of our website.


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