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Fertile Chicken Eggs, Pkg. of 12

Item #: LM1265 
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Alternative Product Codes: Z10237,470193-416

Price: $39.62

With the Fertile Chicken Eggs, watch the unforgettable moment of a baby chick emerging from its egg. A great way to end a unit about embryology. Typically available March through September/October. Fertility varies by season.

Item subject to availability.

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Maintenance Alert

Eggs must be turned 3 to 4 times per day, making an egg turner necessary for a school/weekend setting. Strict temperature and humidity control are also essential for success. The incubator should be stable for three days prior to egg arrival. Eggs will hatch about three weeks after they arrive. After the eggs hatch, the live chicks will require care. After the six to eight week brooding period, you will need to make arrangements for chick placement.

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Product Details

Watching a baby chick emerge from its egg is an unforgettable moment and a great way to end a unit about embryology. Fertility varies by season. Please allow 10 days for delivery. Package of 12 eggs. A hatch rate of 40–70% is considered successful. Shipped only on Monday and Tuesday. Delivery during extremely cold weather should be avoided.

Item subject to availability.