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Item #: SE8051

Price: $1,024.85

Flinn/SciMatCo® Acid Cabinets for safer chemical storage are constructed entirely of wood, which eliminates corrosion and guarantees years of safe acid storage. Optional polypropylene nitric acid compartment is also available.

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Item# SE8051 SE8041
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Flinn/SciMatCo Acid Cabinets will not rust or corrode. Many companies promise corrosion resistance; we'll guarantee it. How? Simple—we don't use metal hardware or hinges. We use only wood and plastic in our construction; therefore, there is no rust or corrosion. Our unique design and unsurpassed quality will give you an outstanding cabinet both now and for many years to come. • Top recessed to include a liquid tight polypropylene tray. Tray will hold 12 liters of spilled liquid. Use this top tray as a dispensing area. Polypropylene is 0.125" thick. • Optional polypropylene nitric acid compartment available. • Entirely constructed of 1" thick, high density exterior grade, 9-ply plywood and finished with Super Chem-Tuff™ Paint. • One fixed-position shelf included. Large 2.5 liter acid bottles can fit on both top and bottom shelves. • Interlocking wooden door assembly. • Cabinet floor constructed with 2" high liquid-tight trough to contain spillage and provide secondary containment. • All wooden hinges, no metal to rust. • Word "ACID" printed on cabinet in 6" red letters. • Four (4) leveling feet included. Partially lined cabinet (SE8041) – Lined with polypropylene on the floor, shelf, and top tray. Fully lined cabinet (SE8051)– Lined with polypropylene on the floor, shelf, top tray, interior walls, and interior top. Optional nitric acid compartment– Accommodates nitric acid to isolate it within the cabinet. Holds five 2.5-liter bottles. Fits into top half of either the partially or fully lined acid cabinets. Dimensions: • Exterior: 36 1/2''H x 31''W x 20''D • Interior:28 1/2''H x 29''W x 17 1/4''D • Bottle Capacity: 30 x 2.5-L or 90 x 500-mL