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New Lab Solution for AP® Chemistry

By: The Flinn Staff

Flinn has developed a new way to implement our 16 Flinn Inquiry Lab Kits for AP® Chemistry! New blended learning options combine the benefits of classroom, laboratory and digital learning. Our new approach maximizes class and lab time while giving students extra support to help them succeed on the exam. Three of the labs even include simple virtual reality simulations. It all comes together as they apply their knowledge and practice with exam-style questions.

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Product Details

New blended learning options combine the benefits of classroom, laboratory and digital learning. Running AP Chemistry labs can be a challenge—for students and teachers. They take a lot of time, can be intimidating and it isn't always easy to connect experiments to the AP exam. All of this led us to develop a new way of doing AP Chemistry labs that will save time, increase student engagement and comprehension and lead to better exam scores.

Your students can watch, pause, rewind and re-watch pre-lab concept, technique and procedure videos tied directly to 16 advanced inquiry AP Chemistry experiments. Students can watch at home to learn, so they arrive in lab confident and ready to tackle the science at hand. And if they get stuck on a tricky procedure or calculation during lab, they can watch again…and again, on any digital device. For an atomic-level view, students can use their smartphones to get inside the beaker by watching virtual reality simulations. 

Each lab ends with a summary video that relates the experiment to the AP exam by showing students sample exam questions based on each specific experiment. Students can then practice on real exam questions because each lab includes a unique set of online problems that relates the experiment to the exam. And each problem has its own re-teach video students can watch if they get stuck. 

Adaptable to you and how you teach. You can choose to run experiments in multiple ways with access to digital procedures, downloadable pdfs that are inquiry-based, and downloadable pdfs that include a step-by-step procedure for each lab. A digital dashboard allows you to track student performance on assessment questions. 

Built-in student lab safety training with assessments. Your students will also benefit from an introductory safety unit with videos and assessments on pre-lab safety, proper PPE, safety equipment, procedure safety, chemical disposal, hazard recognition and emergency response.

16 standards-based, tested inquiry lab kits with real sample data that have been designed and developed to meet the most current AP Chemistry guidelines and investigation requirements. Each advanced inquiry kit includes all the chemicals, specialized equipment and instructions needed for a class of 24 students working in pairs. Aligned to the Big Ideas, Learning Objectives and Science Practices. 

• Investigation 1: Analysis of Food Dyes in Beverages
• Investigation 2: Percent Copper in Brass
• Investigation 3: Gravimetric Analysis of Calcium and Hard Water
• Investigation 4: Acidity of Beverages
• Investigation 5: Separation of a Dye Mixture Using Chromatography
• Investigation 6: Qualitative Analysis and Chemical Bonding
• Investigation 7: Green Chemistry Analysis of a Mixture
• Investigation 8: Analysis of Hydrogen Peroxide
• Investigation 9: Separating a Synthetic Pain Relief Mixture
• Investigation 10: Rate of Decomposition of Calcium Carbonate
• Investigation 11: Kinetics of Crystal Violet Fading
• Investigation 12: Designing a Hand Warmer
• Investigation 13: Applications of LeChâtelier’s Principle
• Investigation 14: Acid–Base Titrations
• Investigation 15: Buffers in Household Products
• Investigation 16: Properties of Buffer Solutions