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Flinn Fume Hood, 48"

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: SE9000

Price: $1,695.55

Flinn Lab Fume Hoods feature corrosion-resistant wooden construction, adjustable viewing sash, motor blower set, vaporproof light fixture and are affordably priced.

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Product Details

Finally... The Fume Hood You've Always Wanted Is Affordable... From FLINN. A fume hood is a basic safety aid. It should capture, dilute and exhaust hazardous and noxious fumes. The Flinn fume hood has been designed to meet the requirements of a senior or middle school laboratory. With two sizes available, you'll be able to find the right one to fit your needs. Both models come with an adjustable, 1/4" shatterproof polycarbonate sash, U.L. approved vaporproof light with U.L. approved externally mounted switch, motor blower set and a single electrical outlet as standard features. Flinn fume hoods are constructed of wooden components and painted light gray with a water-based gray lacquer and chemical-resistant water-based epoxy topcoat. The optional base cabinet is also painted light gray and the work surface is a black Trespa chemical-resistant work surface. The Flinn fume hoods and base cabinets are built to stand the test of time. They will offer years of service with minimal maintenance. • Specially designed for the school science laboratory. • Corrosion-resistant wooden construction. • Adjustable viewing sash. • Motor blower set included. • Vaporproof light fixture. • Affordably priced for the school budget. • The fume hood is shipped completely assembled, but does require some electrical and duct installation. • Exterior Dimensions: 38-1/4" W x 23-1/4" D x 48" H • Blower Specifications: 115 Volt, 60 cycle, 930 CFM at .25 static pressure


Working area: 42-1/4" W x 22-1/2" Deep