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The FlinnPREP Inquiry Labs for AP® Environmental Science: Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil allows students to explore how the physical and chemical properties of soil impact soil quality. Includes access to exclusive FlinnPREP™ digital content to combine the benefits of classroom, laboratory and digital learning. Each blended learning lab solution includes prelab videos about concepts, techniques and procedures, summary videos that relate the experiment to the AP® exam, built-in student lab safety training with assessments, and standards-based, tested inquiry labs with real sample data. FlinnPREP™ Inquiry Lab Solutions are adaptable to you and how you teach with multiple ways to access and run your AP labs.

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In this inquiry lab students explore how the physical and chemical properties of soil impact soil quality with this two-part investigation. First students determine soil texture—the relative amounts of sand, silt and clay—by measuring the amount of each that settles out of a soil “solution” after definite time intervals. The texture of soil influence how coarse or fine the soil is, its porosity and permeability and the capacity to bind and store nutrients. Then students analyze the chemical properties of soil by measuring the pH and testing for the presence of essential macronutrients, nitrate and phosphate ions. The nutrient levels are evaluated for soil fertility and their environmental impact on surface or groundwater contamination.

FLINNprep is just one of the powerful learning pathways accessed via PAVO, Flinn’s award-winning gateway to standards-aligned digital science content paired with hands-on learning.


Includes access to FlinnPREP™ digital content for one year. *AP and Advanced Placement are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.