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With Foucault’s Pendulum for physical science and physics, latitude and time can be calculated. A similar pendulum provided the first direct evidence that the Earth rotates around a polar access.

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Product Details

In 1851, Jean Bernard Leon Foucault demonstrated the rotation of the Earth with a 27-kg pendulum suspended on a 67-m wire at the Pantheon in Paris. This was the first direct evidence that the Earth rotates around a polar axis. Ever since, Foucault pendulums have been popular conversation pieces and displays. The precession rate of the pendulum can be used to calculate latitude or time. The swing pattern will change depending on the latitude of the Earth: at the North or South pole, the swing remains constant and appears to rotate once every day; at the equator, the pendulum does not appear to move at all. If the pendulum was observed at a 30° latitude, the rotation of the pendulum would take two days. Includes a detailed information packet with instructions and teaching suggestions. 57" high. Custom item; allow 90 days for shipping.