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Delve into the study of human anomalies and diseases with the human pathology microscope slide sets for biology.

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Delve into the study of human anomalies and diseases with the human pathology microscope slide sets. View examples of cell and tissue abnormalities, diseases, injuries and progressive alterations of organs and tissue, infection inflammations and tumors. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Human Pathology Slide Set I includes 40 microscope slides:
• Adenocarcinoma of colon
• Adiposis of heart
• Amyloid degeneration of liver
• Amyloid degeneration of spleen
• Anthracosis of lung
• Brown atrophy of liver
• Carcinoma of liver, primary
• Carcinoma medullare glandulae
• Cardiac callosity
• Cavernous hemangioma of liver
• Chronic pneumonia
• Chronic pulmonary emphysema
• Cirrhosis hepatis luetica
• Colitis dysenterica Shiga-Kruse
• Cor villosum
• Croupous pneumonia
• Cyanotic atrophy of liver (nutmeg liver)
• Cyanotic induration of lung
• Erysipelas of spleen
• Fibroepithelial mixed tumor of parotid gland
• Hemorrhagic necrosis of liver (eclampsia)
• Hemosiderosis of liver
• Icterus hepatis
• Influenzal pneumonia
• Lymphatic leukemia of liver
• Lymphosarcoma mediastini
• Malaria melanemia of spleen
• Miliary tuberculosis of liver
• Miliary tuberculosis of lung
• Myeloid sarcoma of spleen
• Myocarditis chronica acute recidivans
• Myxoma mandibulae
• Necrotic (cheesy) pneumonia
• Necrotic oesophagitis
• Parenchymatous and fatty degeneration of liver
• Parenchymatous degeneration of liver
• Pigmentary cirrhosis of liver
• Scirrhous carcinoma of thyroid gland
• Struma colloides
• Tuberculosis of lymph glands