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IMSA Fusion—National Standards Alignment for Entire Series


The IMSA Fusion kits are aligned to the national standards. This document provides the alignment to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards Mathematics and Common Core State Standards English Language Arts for all of the IMSA Fusion kits.


  • NGSS
  • Common Core State Standards Mathematics
  • Common Core State Standards English Language Arts
  • Climate Change: The Future Is Now
  • Dive In: Oceanographic Engineering
  • Engineering: Design and Build
  • Mars: Manifest Destiny
  • Materials Science: Living in a Material World
  • Medieval: STEM Through the Ages
  • Out of the Silo: Agronomic STEM
  • Secret Communications: Sharing Concealed Messages
  • Synthetic Scorecard: Building the Future of Biology
  • Take Flight: Investigating the Aviation Industry
  • What’s the Story Data?
  • You Be the Judge