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Introductory Slide-Making - Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: FB1630

Price: $66.75

Introductory Slide-Making and Microscopy Laboratory Kit for biology and life science provides a positive introductory lesson In the basics of histology and slide preparation. Instant success.

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Product Details

Instant success! That is what will happen when your students prepare their first permanent microscope slide-what a positive introductory lesson in the basics of histology and slide preparation. Students will marvel at the sight of an insect's eye, leg, mouth parts, antennae, or other body parts. This kit is a real must for your unit on microscopy and structure/function.The basic materials needed for a class of 30 to fix, clear, mount, and stain small organisms are provided as well as detailed instructions for these procedures. The kit includes chemicals (alcohol solutions and xylenes), Canada balsam, depression slides, coverslips, holding tubes, and pipets.