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With the Hand Strobe, observe and measure periodic motion. Three different strobe frequencies can be observed with the same rotational speed. Constructed of hardboard with a wooden handle and a low friction pivot.

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Product Details

Link classroom lessons to the real world! Kill-A-Watt™ is the exciting new way to teach electricity more effectively to students and verify your electricity consumption. The meter works with any appliance and is simple to use. Just plug an appliance in and the Kill-A-Watt displays the cumulative electricity usage in watts and watt-hours, as well as dollars and cents! Large LCD display also shows measurements in volts, amps, Hz, and VA with a 0.2% accuracy. The Kill-A-Watt meter is a way to complement your curriculum and bring electricity exercises to life. It efficiently demonstrates many laws of electricity, including power as a function of voltage and inductance—and it can forecast energy costs! 5 1/8” H x 2 3/8” W x 1 5/8” D.