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Our Flinn UV goggle sanitizer cabinets are designed to effectively clean googles in between uses. These sanitizer cabinets use a UV-C Germicidal bulb that emits very short ultraviolet wavelengths of light. Studies have shown that UV-C light damages the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to prevent replication. The system stores multiple pairs of goggles or safety glasses.

This key only works for Flinn goggle sanitizers manufactured 2011 or after.

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Product Details

Designed to meet the demanding needs of your science laboratory, these unique goggle sanitizers have been specifically designed by Flinn Scientific for science teachers. Special features:
• Racking system conveniently stores chemical splash goggles or safety glasses without stacking.
• The light viewing screen, 15-minute timer and instructions on the cabinet front allow for ease of use and save valuable bench/storage space as it can be placed up against other cabinets.
• Longer life, high-intensity ultraviolet 25-watt lightbulb improves sanitizing performance.
• Safety message silk-screened on the cabinet front reminds students “Safety First.”
• A great price! You won’t find a better price anywhere.

Using a goggle sanitizer cabinet allows several classes of students to safely share goggles. Five-minute exposure of UV light will kill over 99.5% of all bacteria present.

Safety and ease of use were the primary considerations in the Flinn goggle sanitizer design. A keyed lock allows the doors to be secured during sterilization. Safety door switches automatically shut off the UV light source if a door is accidentally opened. The light viewing screen confirms UV light is being generated.

Digital models available. Constructed of 24-gauge steel with a white baked enamel finish; comes fully assembled. A heavy-duty 8' (96") neoprene cord is provided. Can be shipped UPS. Goggles not included.


Replacement knob for Flinn Goggle Sanitizers (Catalog No. SE1000)