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Blended Curriculum Solutions

FlinnPREP™ fulfills all AP® College Board requirements for AP® science classrooms. With a flexible integration model, teachers can use courses and labs individually to enhance current curriculum or combine them for a fully integrated curriculum. Each FlinnPREP™ classroom or lab purchase comes with access to a Student Chemistry Laboratory Safety Certification Course and free one-on-one training to help you get your classrooms up and running.

Whether you’re looking for individual courses or labs or a full curriculum solution, Flinn has pricing options that will best fit your needs.

Courses for AP® Science

FlinnPREP™ award-winning courses align to the College Board® Big Ideas, Learning Objectives, and Science Practices.

Courses feature:
• Easy-to-understand content
• Curated open educational resources (OER)
• Videos and games
• Formative and summative assessments
• Full-length practice exams

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Proven Practice for as Little as $10 Per Student

Whether you are adopting a single course in your school or the full suite across your district, Flinn can create a custom solution.

  1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses 4 Courses
1 classroom up to 30 students $425 $722 $1,020 $1,275
3 classrooms up to 100 students $1,400 $2,380 $3,360 $4,200
5 classrooms up to 150 students $2,100 $3,570 $5,040 $6,300
10 classrooms up to 300 students $4,200 $7,140 $10,080 $12,600
    Save 15% Save 20% Save 25%

Inquiry Labs for AP® Science

Each lab is tested by a team of scientists and aligns to the College Board® Big Ideas, Learning Objectives and Science Practices.

Flexible Pricing

 Digital Only Individual Lab Gold Bundle Platinum Bundle
 1 Year Access
to Digital Content
 Lab Kit &
1 Year Access
to Digital Content
 Lab Kits &
1 Year Access
to Digital Content
 Lab Kits &
3 Years Access
to Digital Content
Digital student and teacher lab instructions        
 Introductory videos        
 Technique videos        
 Apply what you learned on the exam videos        
 Sample inquiry procedures and data        
 AP®-style practice exam questions        
 Reteach videos        
 Virtual reality simulations        
 Downloadable lab instructions        
 Physical lab materials for hands-on practice        
 30% off inquiry lab kits for years 2 and 3        
 Flinn scientist concierge service        
 Inquiry Labs for AP® Biology: 14 Labs $325 (EL7019) Varies $1,015 (FB2311) $1,175 (FB2312)
 Inquiry Labs for AP® Chemistry: 16 Labs $325 (EL5000) Varies $850 (AP9778) $975 (AP9785)

Full Curriculum Solutions Pricing

Flinn will help you create a custom blend of courses and labs that make the most sense for your classroom, school or district.

Contact your
account manager for pricing options that best support your curriculum:


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Parent and Student Pricing

Looking to get a head start on preparing for exams? Do you need additional help for your AP® courses? FlinnPREP™ has a solution specifically for you. Sign up for any one of our student courses and you’ll have full access to FlinnPREP™ award-winning courses: easy-to-understand content, videos, games, unit assessments, and practice exams with reteach videos

With anytime, anywhere access, FlinnPREP™ guides you through the challenging AP® curriculum and shows you how well you understand each topic so you can manage your time more efficiently:

FlinnPREP™ for AP® Biology   $22.95
FlinnPREP™ for AP® Chemistry   $22.95
FlinnPREP™ for AP® Environmental Science       $22.95
FlinnPREP™ for AP® Physics 1  $22.95