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Mineral Rummy - Super Value Game

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP7351

Price: $23.50

With Mineral Rummy Geology Game for Earth science, explore the composition of common minerals. Collect ion cards to form specific minerals and win.

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Product Details

Minerals can form precious gemstones or common salt crystals. What makes one mineral different from another? As students play this Mineral Rummy card game, they learn about the chemical composition of common minerals. Each deck includes 16 colorful photo cards illustrating minerals from major groups including silicates, sulfides, carbonates, oxides, phosphates, sulfates, and halides. Each deck also includes 55 ion cards that students draw from to form their minerals. Critical thinking skills are employed as students develop strategies to be the first player to use all the ion cards in hand to make minerals. Each round presents a different challenge for the players, so students will want to play again and again! Kit includes card holders for each player and 4 decks of cards with complete instructions for 2–6 players, valuable Teacher Notes, reproducible student worksheets, and detailed background information. Complete for 24 students playing in groups of six. All materials are reusable!