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Molecular Model of DNA and Its Replication Kit

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Molecular Model of DNA and Its Replication Activity Kit for biology and life science allows for simulation of the replication process. Assemble your own DNA model and you'll have a clearer picture of how it works.

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Product Details

Once your students have assembled their own model of DNA they'll have a much clearer picture of how it looks and works. The assembled models are flexible enough to twist into the double helix structure and can be “unzipped”-allowing the students to simulate the replication process. 12 assemblies are included and when completed they can all be linked together to form a DNA segment more than nine feet long. Components are durable and reusable.Kit includes: 12 complete sets of the following-four each of cytosine, thymine, adenine, and guanine (color-coded), eight hydrogen bonds, 16 phosphate groups, and 16 deoxyribose groups. Materials provided for 24 students working in pairs.