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PAVO Bundle: Biotechnology

Item #: PAV1023

Price: $223.75

In this PAVO Bundle, students learn about biotechnology through videos, worksheets, and hands-on experiments. Our bundles include everything a science instructor needs to conduct fun, engaging lessons. With all the content and tools included in each bundle, your students are guaranteed an elevated learning experience.

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Product Details

This PAVO bundle allows students to understand the complexities of biotechnology through synchronous hands-on activities and experiments. Multiple demonstrations allow students to observe and interpret medical diagnostic tests, chemical activity within the electrophoresis apparatus, DNA fingerprinting, and more. Students also get to enjoy a hands-on experiment in which they will play the role of forensic scientists using biotechnology. They will attempt to solve a crime by analyzing DNA samples collected at the crime scene. Students become masters of biotechnology through a variety of activities within this PAVO bundle. They will assess the reliability of data gathered from a handful of interactive experiments and draw conclusions from said experiments. As a result, students will better understand the nature of biotechnology. From differentiating between the different aspects of an ELISA test to performing tissue preparation and DNA extraction, students will learn both the fundamentals and the intricacies of biotechnology—while having some fun along the way!

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1- year access to :


Materials Included in ELISA Demonstration Kit

Agar, 14 g

Hydrochloric acid, 0.01 M, 250 mL

Phenol red indicator solution, 0.02%, 50 mL

Sodium hydroxide solution, 0.005 M, 250 mL

Bottle, Boston round, LDPE, 2 oz, 5

Dropper plug, LDPE, 18 mm, 5

Label, negative control solution

Label, positive control solution

Label, antibody solution

Label, sera solution

Label, wash solution

Nasal closure cap, PP, 18 mm, 5

Reaction plate, 24-well, 7


Materials Included in Electrophoresis Buffer Demonstration Kit

Electrophoresis buffer, concentrated 50x, 40 mL

Hydrochloric acid solution, 0.01 M, 10 mL

Sodium chloride solution, 1 M, 35 mL

Sodium hydroxide solution, 0.01 M, 10 mL

Universal indicator solution, 100 mL

Pipet, Beral-type, thin stem, 15


Materials Included in Why Do People Look Different? Student Lab Kit:

Agarose, LE, 3 g

Electrophoresis buffer, concentrated 50x, 100 mL

Simulated DNA, child 1, 100 μL

Simulated DNA, child 2, 100 μL

Simulated DNA, child 3, 100 μL

Simulated DNA, father, 100 μL

Simulated DNA, mother, 100 μL

Pipets, needle tip, disposable, 35


Materials Included in Protein Electrophoresis Kit:

Agarose, LE, 3 g

Gel loading solution, 6x, 10 mL

Protein destaining solution, 4x concentrate, 250 mL

Protein lysing buffer, 5x concentrate, 40 mL

Protein staining solution, 250 mL

Tris-glycine-sds buffer, 10x concentrate, 250 mL

Bags, reclosable, 4" x 8", 6

Microcentrifuge tube, 90

Pipet, Beral-type, graduated, 84

Pipets, needle tip, disposable, 36

Weighing dish, 5.5 g, 5½" x 5½", 6


Materials Included in 360Science: DNA Forensics Kit:

Agarose, powder, electrophoresis grade, 3 g

DNA Sample 1, 80 μL

DNA Sample 2, 80 μL

DNA Sample 3, 80 μL

DNA Sample 4, 80 μL

Methylene blue electrophoresis staining solution, concentrate 10X, 100 mL

TAE electrophoresis buffer, concentrate 50X, 100 mL

Pipets, disposable, needle tip, 50

Staining trays, 6