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Download Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Physical science or Earth and Environmental Science lesson plan and use it today. Thousands of asynchronous labs, lab instructions, activities, videos and assessments can be yours to explore through our award-winning PAVO gateway.

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Hundreds of Standards-
Aligned Labs!

We have you covered with more than
600 standards-aligned labs. Whether
you are looking for Chemistry, 
Biology, Earth & Environmental 
science or Physics/Physical Science, 
you can select from a library of content
that is ready to go.

All Levels. Including AP*.


Teach all levels of science with our
customizable content, from junior
high all the way to Advanced
Placement science with our exclusive
16 inquiry labs from our award-
winning AP prep program, FLINNprep.


Plan, Edit and Assign.


Plan, edit and assign content and
labs from a single login. PAVO is
the gateway to easily creating and
customizing content that meets the
needs of all your learners.

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Customizable hands-on instructions are the key to incorporating more hands-on science! And with your Individual Teacher License you don't have to choose among our digital solutions, you get access to everything in your discipline!


The Chemistry License has more than 600 labs including:

Make Your Own Battery: Guided Inquiry Lab

Chemical Reactions: Student Lab Kit



More than 300 customizable labs are waiting for you:

Osmosis and Diffusion: Guided Inquiry Lab

Sodium Alginate Respiration Student Lab Kit


Physics & Physical Science

250+ Physics & Physical Science Labs including:

Motion Plots: Guided Inquiry Lab

Simple Circuits Student Lab Kit


Earth & Environmental Science

Science comes alive in more than 100 labs including:

Electricity and Wind Energy: Guided Inquiry Lab

Acid Rain and Plants Student Lab Kit



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Learn more about each bundle:

Each Individual Teacher License includes digital POGIL® books.


What is an Individual Teacher License?
An Individual Teacher License gives you access by discipline, to all of Flinn Scientific’s engaging content and labs. You no longer have to choose among our digital solutions, with your Individual Teacher License, you get it all! Choose a 6-month or one year license for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth and Environmental science.

What is PAVO?
PAVO is Flinn Scientific’s award-winning gateway to comprehensive science content that streamlines instruction and engages students with dynamic digital and hands-on learning. Students will actively participate in standards-aligned inquiry-based learning across all science disciplines.

How is PAVO different from my current Flinn account?
It's easy to get started with PAVO! If you already have a Flinn Scientific account, just login and select PAVO at the top of the screen and follow the directions. If you do not yet have a Flinn Scientific account, visit and create one.

What subjects and grade levels does PAVO’s content cover?
From middle grades to advanced levels and across all science disciplines, PAVO is your award-winning gateway to standards-aligned science. PAVO pairs dynamic digital content with hands-on kits that inspire students and streamline instruction for teachers. An award-winning gateway to standards-aligned science, PAVO engages teachers and students with dynamic digital content paired with engaging hands-on kits.

What is POGIL?
In a downloadable format, Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning is a student-centered instructional approach in which students work in small teams with the instructor acting only as a facilitator. 

The specially designed activities follow a learning cycle paradigm in which students are presented with data or information to interpret and guiding questions to lead them toward valid conclusions essentially a recapitulation of the scientific method.

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.