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PAVO features our suite of award-winning lab

solutions for Advanced Placement Science including:


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Developed in collaboration with teacher and student focus groups, FLINNprep online courses and lab solutions help strengthen the AP® learning experience.

FLINNprep offers both online courses and inquiry labs—aligned with the College Board’s Big Ideas and Learning Objectives—to help students be prepared for the exam Online Courses features easy-tounderstand content, review and reteach videos, games assessments and full-length practice exams.

Inquiry Labs provides pre-lab content, technique videos, and summary videos with sample exam questions for each experiment so students can see how the lab connects to the AP® exams.  FLINNprep is the only AP® Solution that relates the labs back to the AP® exam.

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These engaging inquiry lab activities are aligned to the latest AP® curriculum standards. They include comprehensive background information, step-by-step procedures, student worksheets, teacher notes and the basic materials needed for each experiment.

These tried-and-true, classic Flinnlabs for Advanced Placement™  have been integrated into our digital platform to allow teachers and students a better user experience.

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Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning is a student-centered instructional approach in which students work in small teams with the instructor acting only as a facilitator. 

The specially designed activities follow a learning cycle paradigm in which students are presented with data or information to interpret and guiding questions to lead them toward valid conclusionsessentially a recapitulation of the scientific method. POGIL® offers Advanced Placement activities for Chemistry and Biology.