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Promote the Power of Chemistry the Periodic Table

The periodic table is all about the chemical elements and chemical elements are essential for our lives. When you drink water, you are taking in molecules consisting of one oxygen atom bonded to two hydrogen atoms. The green potted plant in your home uses sunlight to make its food from carbon dioxide and water. Your dog chews a bone that is primarily made of salts of calcium and phosphate. So life on Earth cannot exist without chemical elements and molecules that are created when elements interact.

Mendeleev’s Periodic Table

Mendeleev’s original periodic table included 63 chemical elements. On his table, Mendeleev showed that, when arranged by atomic weight, the elements display a periodicity of properties. The table organized the elements in groups vertically.

Mendeleev’s table had blank spaces as placeholders to represent unknown elements. By following the trends of the table, he was able to determine characteristics of new elements. When the elements were discovered later, Mendeleev’s predictions came true.

Modern Periodic Table

The modern periodic table has expanded beyond Mendeleev’s original version. The most current version contains 118 elements including 4 new elements discovered in recent years.

Get Interactive

Discover an interactive version of the most current periodic table—designed by one of our product managers, Dr. Alan Downward. Learn some of the major trends present on the periodic table by using the unique features of this simulation.

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