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The Elements

Author: Theodore Gray

Item #: AP7455

Price: $31.15

The Elements Chemistry Resource Book takes you on a fascinating journey through the periodic table and is a "visual exploration of every known atom In the universe."

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Product Details

Embark on a fascinating journey through the periodic table with this “visual exploration of every known atom in the universe.” Begin with a 9-page introduction of the periodic table’s organization and history, and end with a discussion about the future-as-of-yet-undiscovered elements. At least two pages are devoted to each element with stunning photographs, scientific history, and real-life applications—nothing is left out! Each page has a side panel showing the element’s location on the periodic table, the atomic weight, density, atomic radius, illustrations of the element’s crystal and orbital structure, electron order filling scale, atomic emission spectrum, and state of matter scale. Also includes a tear-out periodic table using photographs from the book. Created from the author’s element collection of nearly 2,300 samples, this book will inspire your students to learn more about the elemental world around us. 2009, 240 pages, 10-1/4” x 10-1/4”, hard cover.