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Physical Science—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™—9-Kit Bundle

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP8084 

Price: $450.00

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With the Physical Science—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ 9-Kit Bundle, bring engineering design into your class with confidence. Includes 9 Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ Physical Science kits.

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Product Details

Cost-saving bundle includes 9 Flinn STEM Design Challenge™ Physical Science kits! Bring engineering design into your class with confidence and save money by purchasing the kits as a bundle rather than individually.

• Investigate a Twirling Toy—Design a spinning toy to land on a target with the slowest descent.
• Build a Model Catapult—Use knowledge of levers, projectile motion and energy to accurately launch a projectile.
• Roller Coasters—Conservation of energy is the key to designing a thrilling yet safe ride.
• Create a Mobile—Add art to math, science and engineering to create a mobile that hangs in equilibrium.
• Egg Elimination—Create a vehicle that protects its cargo and eliminates the competition.
• Drop Zone—Design a vehicle to air drop a marble “package” with pinpoint accuracy.
• Eggs-streme Parachuting—Construct an egg-carrying parachute that lands safely without breaking the egg.
• Paper Airplanes—Become engineers for FlinnToy and make a cost-effective, long-distance, load-carrying flyer.
• Building Bridges—Build a balsa wood bridge that supports the most weight.