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Item #: P0040

Price: $14.30


F.W. 122.56

CAS No. 3811-04-9


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Hazard Alert

Strong oxidizer; slightly toxic; irritant. LD50 1870 mg/kg. Extremely dangerous since the substance, if only slightly contaminated, will explode when exposed to moderate shock or when heated. Because this substance is so frequently a source of accidents on school premises we have elected to list some of the incompatible substances which should be avoided: Ammonium Salts, Phosphorus, Carbon, Sulfuric Acid, Combustible Material, Metal Powders, Finely Divided Materials, Organic Materials, Sulfur, Sugar.

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

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Laboratory grade


F.W. 122.56

CAS No. 3811-04-9