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Item #: FB2414 

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Use this precut 20 x 20 cm nitrocellulose membrane for transferring nucleic acid and proteins.

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Item# FB2594 FB2414
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Product Details

Use this precut 20 x 20 cm nitrocellulose membrane for transferring nucleic acid and proteins:

  • 0.45 µm pore size
  • Optimal medium for transferring ssDNA, RNA, and low molecular weight proteins
  • Recommended for western, northern, and Southern blotting

For more information, see the 0.45 µm Nitrocellulose Membranes product page.

Packaging Options

Nitrocellulose Membrane Dimensions Sheets/package Catalog Number
Roll 30 cm x 3.5 m 1620115
Precut for mini gels 7 x 8.5 cm 10 1620145
Precut for midi gels 8.5 x 13.5 cm 10 1620167
Precut for large-format gels 9 x 12 cm 10 1620117
Precut format 11.5 x 16 cm 10 1620148
Precut for large-format gels 15 x 9.2 cm 10 1620114
Precut for large-format gels 15 x 15 cm 10 1620116
Precut for PROTEAN II XL Gels 20 x 20 cm 5 1620113
Precut for large-format gels 26.5 x 28 cm 10 1620251

Bio-Rad Item No.: 1620113EDU


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The 0.45 µm nitrocellulose membrane is most commonly used as a transfer medium for proteins. For transfer of low molecular weight proteins (<15,000), the 0.2 µm nitrocellulose membrane provides better sensitivity, especially with immunodetection assays.

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