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Principles of Hydraulics - Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP6494

Price: $64.00

In the Physics Pro Hydraulics Set for physical science and physics, investigate mechanical physics and fluid dynamics. Build hydraulic and pneumatic machines that connect the classroom to physics in the real world.

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Product Details

Finally, a hydraulics kit designed so that quantitative measurements can be collected allowing your students to discover hydraulic principles for themselves. Students will measure the diameters of hydraulic pistons, calculate their areas, and then measure the forces necessary to lift specific loads. The significance of the mechanical advantage calculation will become crystal clear to students as they personally manipulate the hydraulic system. Students will love building a working model hydraulic jack and measuring the forces involved in lifting heavy objects. The transparent valves and tubing used in their lab work will allow them to view all the working parts. The kit includes one complete hydraulic system, enough for one student group. Buy multiple kits to equip an entire classroom. All materials are reusable.