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Pro-Sect® Dissected Bullfrog Mount

Item #: FB1589

Price: $152.35

Pro-Sect® Dissected Bullfrog Mount for biology is an excellent discussion alternative. Two very large bullfrogs have been dissected and preserved for easy observation and study.

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Product Details

Outstanding specimens for teaching animal diversity and classification. Each preserved organism is supplied in its own individual, labeled, screw-cap jar. The specimens are preserved in a safe, non-toxic holding fluid. Includes: (Grantia) cluster simple sycon sponge (Chalina) finger sponge (Spongilla) freshwater sponge (Hydra) with and without buds (Obelia) hydroid colony (Gonionemus) hydroid medusa (Physalia) Portuguese man-of-war (Aurelia), medusa Jellyfish (Metridium) Sea anemone (Astrangia) Northern coral (Tubipora) Organ-pipe coral (Planaria) freshwater flatworm (Fasciola) sheep liver fluke (Ascaris) pig roundworm, male and female (Ancylostoma) dog hookworm, male and female (Trichinella) piece of infected muscle (Asterias) Starfish (Lumbricus) Earthworm (Nereis) marine annelid Horse Leech (Aphrodite) Sea mouse (Amphitrite) Tube worm (Unio) Freshwater mussel (Procambarus) Crayfish (Perca Flavescens) Perch (Molgula) Sea squirt (Amphioxus) lancelet (Squalus) DogfishNote: Specimens may be substituted based on availability.