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Stable dry powder in capsules is quickly and completely soluble. Each capsule makes 100 mL of buffer solution.

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Hazard Alert

Low and high pH buffer solutions should be treated as strongly acidic and alkaline solutions, respectively.

Product Details

Wherever convenient—no special storage requirements.
Shelf Life:
When stored at room temperature in clean airtight bottles, prepared solutions will last for three weeks. Buffer preservative will protect prepared solutions for up to three months.
Technical Note:
10 capsules per vial, except B0227, which is a special package that contains 11 capsules, one of each pH value. When mixed with distilled or deionized water, a buffer capsule will accurately produce 100 mL of solution at the specified pH. Capsules contain free-flowing soluble powders that prepare clear solutions. Preparation: Empty the contents of a pH buffer capsule into 100 mL of deionized or distilled water.