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Polyurethane Foam Chemical Demonstration

Try this amazing demonstration! Simply mix two viscous liquids together and watch as the mixture expands to about 30 times its original volume. The result is a hardened, lightweight polyurethane foam. Teacher Demonstration Notes included.

Concepts: Polymers, catalysts.
Time Required: 10 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Polyurethane foam system, Parts A and B.

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Hazard Alert

Solution “A” contains a polyether polyol, a tertiary amine and a silicone surfactant. Provide adequate ventilation and wear protective clothing. Solution “B” contains a polyfunctional diisocyanate. Provide adequate ventilation and avoid any body contact. Wear chemical splash goggles, chemical gloves, apron and mix under a hood or with adequate ventilation.

Product Details

Liquid “A” Organic #2, Liquid “B” Organic #5
Shelf Life:
Do not store longer than three years.
Acetone and some other organic solvents.
Solution A: Yellow/amber, Solution B: Brown/amber
Solution A: Rubber-like, Solution B: None
Technical Note:
A package that consists of two viscous liquids. When these substances are mixed, a rigid foam is produced. The volume of foam produced is 20–30 times larger than the original mixture. Liquid “A” is a polyether polyol. Liquid “B” is a polyfunctional isocyanate. Two pound set.