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In the Force and Motion Laboratory Kit for physical science and physics, study the fundamentals of force and motion. Exciting labs are provided to reinforce learning of these important concepts.

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With this all-in-one kit, students can study the fundamentals of force and motion! Exciting labs are provided to help reinforce student learning of these important concepts. For example, students study Hooke's law by performing an egg bungee-jump. Students explore gravity and rotational motion by racing a ring and a disc down an inclined plane. Five experiments cover essential topics such as balanced and unbalanced forces on an inclined plane, frictional forces, Hooke's law, rotational motion and collisions in one dimension. Easy to set up lab stations allow each student group to experiment with one force and motion activity. Once one activity is completed, students move on to the next primary force and motion topic. All the lab activities can be completed in two class periods. One inclined plane, two friction blocks, one ring and discs set, one collision set, five bungee-jumping egg sets, a set of 100-g masses, complete instructions with background information, student worksheets, sample data and answers to all questions are provided. Standard laboratory equipment, such as support stands, clamps, 250-g spring scales, and stopwatches are required, but not included. Enough materials for a class of thirty students working in groups of three.