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Radial Chromatography - Chemistry with an Artistic Flair! Super Value Laboratory Kit

By: Bob Becker, Kirkwood H.S., Kirkwood, MO

Item #: AP8687

Price: $60.60

With the Radial Chromatography Chemistry and Art Guided-Inquiry Super Value Kit, teach how black inks in pens are often mixtures of pigments. Paper chromatography will separate the mixtures. The markers provided produce colorful patterns!

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Product Details

Black inks used in commercially available pens are often mixtures of several pigments, and each pen company usually has its own unique, patented “recipe” for black ink. Paper chromatography can be used to separate these mixtures. This kit incorporates a simple technique in which the solvent moves out radially from a central point. This produces remarkably beautiful circular chromatograms in just minutes. Through a series of hands-on activities, students can exercise their artistic creativity while learning the basics of chromatography. Includes all necessary materials and an assortment of eight water-soluble black markers that each produce unique, colorful patterns. Super Value Kit is complete with enough materials for 180 12.5-cm radial chromatograms, plus 10 extra-large, demonstration-sized (24-cm) chromatograms. Additional sets of black markers are available separately.