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Science Behind - What are calories?

With New Year resolutions, some people take a closer look at Calories. But what are Calories? And how are Calories calculated? This month’s science behind discusses calorimetry, energy, and more. Have fun exploring Calories with these engaging freebies, videos, and kits!

Calorimeter, Economy Choice
The easiest and most inexpensive way to determine the caloric content in solid foods. The kit includes a calorimeter chamber, flask and detailed laboratory instructions. Solid food items are needed.

Calorimetry Basics—Specific Heat
Super Value Laboratory Kit
Raise students’ interest and peak curiosity! Students compare calculated values of “unknowns” to known values and determine the identity of an unknown metal.

360Science™: Energy Densities of Organic Fuels
Students determine how much energy is released when an object burns to measure the heat flow from the object to its surroundings, introducing the concept of calorimetry and investigating the caloric content of organic fuels.

Soda Can Calorimeter
Have you ever noticed the nutrition label located on the packaging of the food you buy? How is the calorie content of food determined? Introduce the concept of calorimetry and investigate the caloric content of snack foods.

Boiling in a Balloon
A perfect demonstration that dramatically shows the tremendous heat capacity of plain, ordinary water.

The Great Peanut Problem
Investigate the calorie content of different snack foods with this calorimetry student lab activity.