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Science Behind - What are holiday lights?

This December, beautiful lights of all kinds are placed on houses, trees, and more! How do these lights work? What types of lights are there? And how are the different colors produced? This month’s science behind discusses electromagnetic radiation, different bulbs, and more. Have fun exploring lights with these engaging freebies, videos, and kits!

Simple Circuits—Super Value
Laboratory Kit
In the Simple Circuits Electricity Super Value Kit, students learn about the power of electric current and circuit configurations

Drawing with Light—Photoelectric
Effect Demonstration Kit
With the Photoelectric Effect Demonstration, use this visually captivating discrepant event to clearly show Einstein’s theory that intensity, or brightness, of light is not equal to its energy.

360Science™: Evaluate Atomic
Spectra, 1-Year Access
Explore light and learn that the intensity, or brightness, of light is not the same as the amount of energy a particular color of light possesses then interact with a virtual reality spectrum tube activity to solidify their understanding of the structure of the atom.

Bohr Atomic Model
Looking for an easy way to model the atom? Have students show a little of their right-brain creativity as they focus on the logic of this leftbrain concept. The Bohr model of atomic and electron structure correctly predicts the existence of specific electron energy levels in atoms.

Phosphorescence and LED lights
Use phosphorescent vinyl to demonstrate the difference in energy between the blue and yellow wavelengths of light emitted from LED micro lights.

Light Energy Demonstration
Students often confuse the concepts of intensity of light and energy of light. This demonstration provides a clear way to demonstrate that the intensity, or brightness, of light is NOT the same as the amount of energy a particular color of light possesses.

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