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Egg-cellent Science - The Science Behind Eggs

With spring approaching, visions of flowers and baby animals appear everywhere. Take some time this month to look closer at the incredible egg! Try hatching your very own chicks! Or try egg-streme parachuting or fuel cells in eggshells! There’s something for every science classroom with these engaging freebies, videos, and kits!

The Bungee-Jumping Egg—Super
Value Laboratory Kit
With the Bungee Jumping Egg Super Value Laboratory Kit for physical science and physics, simulate a bungee jump using an egg and an elastic band. How close can your egg get to the ground without cracking?

Egg Geodes—Student Laboratory Kit
With the Geodes and Crystal Formation Science Laboratory Kit, students apply the concept of solubility to create a supersaturated “growing solution.” Everything is included to introduce crystallization and mineral formation.

360Science™: Uncooking an Egg
In this lab experience, students use a denaturing naturing solution to uncook egg whites. They then use different concentrations of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid to cook egg yolks chemically and record their observations.

Over Easy
Diffusion of water into and out of cells is often demonstrated by treating cells with various concentrations of solutions and then examining them under a microscope. Allow students to use a “giant” cell (chicken egg) to view dramatic changes caused by osmotic pressure.

Diving Eggs
Experience the effects of inertia every day—riding in a car, playing sports, even when picking up their backpacks. Present a dramatic demonstration of Newton’s first law by safely dropping three raw eggs into glasses of water, without touching the eggs!

Fuel Cells in Eggshells
What better way to teach students about reactivity and stoichiometry of gases than an Eggsplosion demonstration! This highly entertaining and effective activity is done by filling a blown-out eggshell with hydrogen gas.

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