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Science Behind - WHAT ARE FIREWORKS?

Fireworks are beautiful pyrotechnic displays that are used to celebrate the 4th of July and other events throughout the year. Different elements produce unique colors and the energy released can be seen and heard for miles. An exciting way
to study the beautiful colors of different compounds is with flame tests in the classroom lab! You can also have students study atomic spectra and atomic structure.

Have fun exploring the science behind fireworks with these fun activities!

Drawing with Light—Photoelectric Effect Demonstration Kit
Students use this visually captivating discrepant event to clearly show Einstein’s theory that intensity, or brightness, of light is not equal to its energy.

Light and Energy—Flame Test
Students enjoy observing colorful flames while learning about light and calculating energy using wavelength.

360Science™: Evaluate Atomic
Structure with Flame Tests
students carry out a small-scale investigation to select the chemicals used in a big fireworks display.

Wood Splints Flame Test
In this activity, the characteristic color of light emitted for several metals will be observed.

Is There Sodium in Bananas?
A flame test demonstrates that both potassium and sodium are present in bananas.

Bohr Atomic Model
Looking for an easy way to model the atom? Have students show a little of their right-brain creativity as they focus on the logic of this leftbrain concept.