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Simply put, Green Chemistry is keeping environmentally sustainable practices through the life cycle of a chemical product and processes. It is a relatively new branch of chemistry, but it is becoming very popular. It covers a wide variety of topics such as designing and manufacturing greener and safer products and exploring sustainable resources.

Micro Mole Rockets
Students learn about stoichiometry and limiting reagents as they compete to beat records for the distance traveled by a micro mole rocket.

Green Chemistry:
Ash Water Titration 
Have your students perform acid-base titrations in a unique way. Use wood ash, a renewable source of base, instead of NaOH.

Single Replacement Reactions and Metal Activity
In this microscale experiment, students perform possible single replacement reactions of different metals with solutions of metal cations.

Red Cabbage Indicator
The pigments in red cabbage are excellent examples of natural pH indicators. Have fun with this colorful activity!

Microscale Titration of Vinegar
Have fun analyzing common substances in this microscale titration activity!

Greening the Science Lab
This safety note focuses on Green Chemistry, the advantages of microscale labs, and more!

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