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We are all fascinated by the beauty of snowflakes, but what are snowflakes?
Snowflakes are ice crystals that are formed by water molecules. It is unlikely that two snowflakes will look identical because their shape is determined by factors like local temperature, amount of moisture, and more. When water molecules form ice crystals, they form a six-fold (hexagonal) or a 12-fold symmetry resulting in elegant crystalline shapes.

The Wacky World of
Superabsorbent Polymers
Let’s make artificial snow! This great
demonstration applies to polymers, osmosis
and cross-linking.

The Bursting Water Pipe
Demonstrate what happens to water when it
freezes—it expands with enough force to crack
a cast iron pipe!

360Science™: The Heat of Melting Ice
Discover how much energy is needed to melt
ice through open-inquiry labs, videos and cool


Preserve a Snowflake
Help your students learn how to save a snowflake and keep it for years!

Great Glaciers
Explore the fact that glaciers are made of
snow accumulated over time and compressed
into ice masses.

Case of the Sunken Ice Cube
Let’s discover difference between water and
ice and explain why ice floats in water.


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