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The human eye is an amazing organ of the body. Complex and sophisticated. This essential organ regulates our sense of sight and helps us interpret the shapes, colors and dimensions of objects by processing the light. Understanding the anatomy, structure and optics of the eye makes us appreciate the importance of our eyes. 

Seeing out of the Corner of Your Eye
Help your students discover the range of their
own peripheral vision.

Measuring Your Blind Spot
We all have a blind spot. Have fun exploring each student’s blind spot with this engaging activity!

The Disappearing Beaker
Students will be amazed as various glass objects seem to vanish when immersed in a beaker. Have fun explaining refraction and refractive index to your students using these simple tools.

If you have 10 minutes...

If you have an entire class period...

If you have more time…

Peripheral Vision
What does seeing out of the “corner of your eye” mean? Students will enjoy investigating their peripheral vision with these engaging activities. Study motion, color, reading, and shape!

Visual Perception
Four “out of sight” activities that will stay in your students’ minds long after they leave the classroom!

Water Marbles
Have fun studying refraction and refractive index with water marbles! Amaze your students by “floating” a steel sphere on “water.”