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Science Behind - WHAT ARE RAINBOWS?

When you see these beautiful multi-colored arcs, you are viewing sunlight that has been refracted in water droplets. When the sunlight is refracted, different wavelengths of visible light are refracted at different angles, allowing you to see the different colors of a rainbow.

Beyond the Rainbow—Infrared and UV Light Demonstration Kit
Contains two “enlightening” demonstrations that reveal evidence for light energy beyond the visible spectrum.

360Science™: Build a Spectroscope from Household Materials 
Students are challenged to design and build a spectroscope using a diffraction grating and household materials.

Color Wheel Light Reflection Kit
Clearly demonstrate that white light is composed of all the colors of the rainbow.

Newton’s Color Wheels
What is color? Why do we see different colors? In this demonstration, the concept of color will be demonstrated using a centrifuge device.

The Disappearing Beaker
Students will be amazed as various glass objects seem to vanish when immersed in a beaker of pale yellow oil.

Benham’s Disk Optical Illusion
Let your students enjoy the colors of the rainbow using a Benham disk. The larger the Benham’s disk, the higher the resolution!

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