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Seismograph and Earthquake Model for Earth science is a simple yet innovative seismograph model that will shake, rattle and roll your laboratory. Learn about earthquake tremors.

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Product Details

Shake, rattle and rock your classroom with this simple yet innovative seismograph model. Teach your students how earthquake tremors are measured—without an earthquake! The model consists of a pen mounted on a weight that is suspended from a frame. A roll of paper below the pen simulates the recording device. Have a student pull the paper and—if no vibrations occur—the pen traces a smooth even line. Have a student cause a simulated earthquake (i.e., vibrate the table), and watch as the support moves with the tremors and the stationary pen records the “earthquake.” Explain the similarities of the model to an actual recording apparatus of a seismograph, which is anchored to bedrock to measure seismic waves, locate the epicenter and determine magnitude.