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This benchtop shaking incubator has dual functions: incubation of shaking liquid cultures and stationary petri dishes. Its small footprint makes it is perfect for any teaching lab.

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Product Details

he Benchtop Shaking Incubator is an economic solution for teaching laboratories doing liquid culture work. It has a small 14.5 x 21.25" footprint with a 4 liter media capacity that can accommodate either 16 x 125 ml, 9 x 250 ml, 5 x 500 ml, 4 x 1,000 ml flasks, or test tube racks. The wide temperature and shaking speed ranges make it suitable for a variety of teaching lab applications and lab topics.

The Petri Dish Shelf accessory allows for simultaneous incubation of stationary petri dishes and shaking liquid cultures.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 4 L media capacity in a small footprint
  • Wide range of incubator chamber temperatures (5°C above room temperature to 70°C) and environmental temperatures (4 to 65°C), allowing instrument to be used in cold rooms
  • Digital readout of all parameters — temperature, shaker speed, and time
  • Chamber temperature precisely maintained to within 0.5°C of set temperature
  • Lid interlock sensor that automatically stops the shaker when the lid is opened
  • Shaking platform is compatible with various flask clamps and test tube racks
  • Petri Dish Shelf accessory allows for simultaneous incubation of stationary culture plates and shaking liquid cultures

Applications and Uses

  • Incubation of liquid cultures with shaking up from 20–300 rpm
  • Incubation of culture plates with the Petri Dish Shelf accessory
  • Continuous temperature control and/or shaking of any liquid up to 4 liters

Bio-Rad Item No.: 17002945EDU